This series of online talks on design will get your creative juices flowing

This series of online talks on design will get your creative juices flowing

You can’t quarantine creativity.

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They say constraints or limits make us more creative. But if the constraint is a global pandemic, it might be an altogether different story, right?

Pretty sure we’ve all seen the different attempts: photoshoots at home with makeshift studios, commercial-level editing of cans of sardines, and even the basic documentation of slices of life while stuck at home. It’s pretty inspiring, to be honest. A glimpse of hope in the rather distressing situation we got stuck in. 

You can’t quarantine creativity, they said. But still, creative juices don’t flow that much freely anymore.

A group of creatives saw this as an opportunity to reach out to fellow creatives, by organizing a series of online talks that aims to “empower people with inspiration and proactivity while in their homes.”

In case you missed it, And A Half Branding and Design Studio has launched Design Dialogues at Home on their social media platforms — particularly IGTV. But more than just a series of 30-minute weekly online talks, it’s also carving out a space for creative sharing and learning. So no, you won’t just be listening to the speakers the whole time!


Their line-up of speakers is pretty impressive, too: 

Jo Malinis will talk about typography and her creative life as a graphic designer and illustrator for Plus63 Design Co. and Studio Mama. You can watch her online talk here.

Martina Bautista, as an Interior Designer and prop and event stylist, will share her insights into styling your own personal spaces for a conducive work from home setups. 

Sara Erasmo — photographer, graphic designer, and visual artist — will offer her insights into documenting life every day. Did somebody say, quarantine but make it aesthetic?

Lastly, Mark Andres, award-winning illustrator and skilled painter, will grace us with lessons and personal insights in capturing still life through painting, and how it keeps him grounded.

These weekly videos are personally recorded by each speaker and each ends with an activity based on the discussed topic. Consider it your homework or practice — either way, it’s self-improvement!



Check out the talks on And A Half’s Instagram and like them on Facebook.

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