Last-minute Halloween costumes for anyone who needs ideas

Last-minute Halloween costumes for anyone who needs ideas

You, too, can be a masked vigilante from ‘Money Heist,’ the May Queen in ‘Midsommar,’ or even Daniela Mondragon herself.

Photos by Renzo Navarro
Art by Ches Gatpayat


Halloween isn’t for everyone, but it’s one night a year that allows you to: 1) gorge yourself on candy, 2) watch all the horror movies you want, and 3) be whoever you want to be, in the whimsical, fantasy-fulfilled sense. Who doesn’t like celebrating creativity and individuality, and getting to live through all the scares? It’s a rush and a half, and planning costumes is the most fun part.

But if you’re like the best of us and you always end up waiting until the last minute to plan your costume, don’t fret: you can transform into characters from this year’s pop-culture faves with just a small amount of ingenuity and imagination, and you can even bring your friends along for the ride. Allow us to show you how it can be done ⁠— you’ll be the talk of the town (or Halloween party) in no time.

White tops from Piopio

Bring Midsommar to the ‘ber months 

The midsummer festival is a time of colorful blooms starkly contrasted by subdued, modest clothing. All you need is a white bohemian-looking white top or a flowing dress and your favorite pair of everyday sandals. To complete the look, let your hair down or put it up with loose braids, and bring out your old flower crowns from 2013. (Or DIY with real or fake flowers on soft wire!)

And if you want to be the May Queen yourself, it’s just a matter of covering a vest and skirt completely in flowers. 

Dress, stylist’s own; shoes by Munimuni; bag by Good Gang

Step into Kadenang Ginto with your red maleta

Got a red luggage lying around at home? That fact alone should be enough for you to channel Daniela Mondragon and tell Cassie that hindi na muna siya papasok sa iskul. Who wouldn’t wanna go for something so low effort, yet maximum (meme) impact? Pair with a red dress and red lipstick to nail the look.

Be the cause of your own Euphoria

This HBO teen show is all about capturing what makes Gen Z tick, and youth fashion today is endearingly haphazard and anything-goes: lots of neon, bold prints, and basic silhouettes with a twist. But what really stands out about the Euphoria look is fun, fearless makeup, especially around the eyes. Go crazy with shades and shapes on your eyelids, treat ‘em like a coloring book. Think of the eyeshadow as a way to reflect your mood and how you’re feeling, and go from there. 

On Andi: bodysuit and mesh top by Good Gang; On Ella: mesh top by Good Gang; On Pat Kay: Polo by Good Gang
Jacket from Factory, jumpsuit from Araw

Plan a high-stakes Money Heist

It can’t get any simpler than a red jumpsuit and the instantly recognizable Salvador Dali mask for this Netflix fave. If you don’t have a jumpsuit, red pants and anything red that has long sleeves and a collar and zips or buttons up should be fine. Black boots work best, but sneakers should also do. As for the mask, it’s available en masse online, with some even capable of next day delivery ⁠— you can even get yourself a toy gun while you’re at it.

March to a different beat with GirlTrends 

On Marga: dress by Araw, top by Good Gang; On Ella: top by Araw, shorts by PIOPIO, jacket, stylist’s own

All white everything is the way to go when it comes to portraying It’s Showtime’s in-house female dance group; plus points if someone has a furry white jacket. The most important factor that could make or break the costume is the formation and the How Do You Sleep backing track. Say it with me, “Google, play GirlTrends Hindi Sabay Sabay.” 

Bonus costume ideas

If you want a unique costume: Take a cue from Maris Racal’s book and come as everybody’s favorite former IV of Spades member (all you need is a black turtleneck; ditch the shoes) 

If you have a Fitness First membership and need a couple costume with your boo: Kuya/Bunso (all you need are two plain shirts and a marker to write the words ‘kuya’ and ‘bunso’ with, bonus is if someone has a Nintendo Switch with a Kirby game)

If you’re not sure what to do with all this E•MO•TION: the Too Much Carly Rae Jepsens (all you need are the white tanks and blonde bobs)

If you have six friends who can dance: BTS in the Boy With Luv video (key words: hot. pink.)

If you have 47 friends who can dance: MNL 48 

Produced by GABY GLORIA
Styling by ADA LAUD
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