Three social causes that get us moving about

Three social causes that get us moving about

The Sikuna Collaborative Arts Festival specializes in making #hugot relevant.

The Sikuna Collaborative Arts Festival 2017 promises to create an avenue where cultures and art forms merge — from rock bands to rebel documentaries, love poems and traditional Filipino percussionists. Be sure to catch them this Saturday, May 13, at the Baluarte de San Diego, Intramuros. The event is also a fundraising gig for the future projects of Para Sa Sining, a non-profit, non-government organization that aims to share their passion for the local arts. 

Most of its allure for us has always in its willingness to use its festival to highlight causes and social issues that don’t often see the light of day. Before we trek down to Intramuros to get our indie music fixes and spice up our IG feeds, here are three notable causes (or many!) worth getting caught up in.

Lumad Rights

Technically, “Lumad” is a bisaya term meaning “native,” and is commonly used to refer to approximately 18 non-Muslim, Mindanaoan ethnic groups. It’s a community that has, despite their rich history in our country, faced great oppression over the recent months. It’s something to keep in mind, especially when the festival’s musicians begin to bust out the kulintang (an instrument primarily used by the Maranao tribe, just so you know). Even instruments weave stories.

Environmental causes

Keeping our surroundings lean, clean, and green is no joke. From indigenous land deforestation, to droughts, our country has it all in terms of natural calamities. Expect to find a couple of song lyrics and artworks alluding to such throughout the festival, so it’d be good to read up. It’s a cause that quite a few performers, such as former National Commission for Culture and the Arts chair Joey Ayala espouse for strongly.

Heritage Preservation

We share stories not just to entertain, but to preserve. Sikuna knows this better than anyone. I mean, do you even know how old the Baluarte de San Diego is? Luckily for us, the Philippine Heritage Conservation Society, will be on hand to share a story or two.

For more information and tickets, visit their Facebook event page.


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