Last hurrah: Paolo Valenciano talks about the final Closeup Forever Summer

Every year, Closeup has been known to give music lovers an unforgettable experience with Closeup Forever Summer. We have them to thank for bringing in only the biggest names in EDM, from Alesso to Martin Garrix and now Demetri Vegas and Like Mike, arguably the best DJs in the world. Less than two weeks before the big day, we speak to newly-minted Closeup Forever Summer director, Paolo Valenciano, on what it takes to get people intensely close one last time.

YOUNG STAR: So, it seems as if CFS is pulling out all the stops this year bringing in big names in music and now direction! How’d you get the gig?

PAOLO VALENCIANO: I’ve know some of the people from Eventscape for quite some time now and in one of our get-togethers, they showed interest in working with me. I just said “Game!”

You’ve been pretty busy this year as well, what made you decide to direct Closeup Forever Summer?

I love directing music events, Whether it be a concert, a corporate event or a festival. There’s something about the live experience that is just incomparable. It’s like living for the moment, a super huge explosive moment.

Music is a big factor in your life and in Closeup – was this collaboration a match made in auditory heaven?

I think so! (laughs).

What kind of preparations have you and the team been doing to make sure this CFS goes out with a bang?

The one thought that everyone had was, “How do we take this to the next level?”. We studied what they did in the past and sort of tried to fill in the blanks. One thing we’re very proud of is the message we are trying to get across. Yes, CFS is going to be one of the biggest parties this year, but we wanted the attendees to go home with something more. We tried to make the message relevant so we can have a positive impact on the youth.

What has your thought process been in directing this festival?

I kept thinking “holy cow. This is big. I gotta think big.”

What are the essential elements to an unforgettable festival?

Good music, good lighting and the right beverage. I think we got all that covered!

Can you tell us more about how the lineup and how the roster of the world’s best DJs came together for Closeup?

Closeup wanted to end with a bang! What better way than hiring one of the biggest EDM acts in the world?

The big day is May 21st, what can the crowd expect from the biggest, freshest party of the year?

Sensory overload. In a good way!

What’s the most challenging part about directing an event this big? Is this your largest project yet? 

Yes! This has improved my attention to detail. Because let me tell you, there are a LOT of details.

What is your idea of the perfect Closeup Forever Summer Vibe for those intensely close moments?

This might sound corny, but “love and unity.” We as a nation have gone through some of the most challenging three months of our lives. I look at this event as something that can help bring all of us back together.

* * *

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the closing to one of Manila’s most iconic music festivals. Closeup Forever Summer is happening on May 21 at the SM MOA Concert Grounds and it will be headlined by Demetri Vegas and Like Mike along with Goldfish & Blink, Mattn, and Julian Jordan

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