UP Music Circle’s 21st Anniv Gig features local acts from all genres

Welcoming your early 20s makes you feel invincible. You feel like the world is your oyster. You plan out your life — or you don’t — because you’re young and free and you can do whatever it is that your heart desires. When you’re 21, you feel this shift in the air, as if you’re suddenly shrugging off your childhood in exchange for the glamour of being a real adult. And while the horror stories that come with adulting can overwhelm just about anyone, you’d still look at the world with so much wonder and enthusiasm. You can finally drink alcohol anywhere in the world (except in India, where you have to be 25), so really, nothing’s ever gonna stop you from working on reaching your dreams.

Just as with any extra 21-year-old who throws a birthday bash to be remembered, UP Music Circle, a.k.a. the organization that gave life to some of our favorite local bands, is treating us all to a night of good music, courtesy of our faves. There’s crowd favorites She’s Only Sixteen, Over October and Banna Harbera, and Any Name’s Okay joining in the fun. Catch up-and-coming groups from the org’s roster, like Granny Lee, Sunny Blues, Parlor Parlor perform too. 

Catch UP Music Circle’s anniversary gig, Bente Oh-No on Oct. 5 in Route 196. Tickets are priced at P250 for pre-order and  P300 for walk-ins.

For more information, check out @upmusiccircle on Twitter.

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