What would your Utopia look like?

What would your Utopia look like?

NASA dropped some news that may bring us closer to that reality

Last Feb. 22, seven Earth-sized planets were found 235 trillion miles away from Earth. These planets orbit a dwarf star named Trappist-1. Though there are a lot more to be discovered, at this point, people at NASA are looking at the possibility that these planets actually might be habitable. It might be the perfect time for that since the planet we’re in is deteriorating both literally and figuratively.

In times like these, the extraordinary becomes possible. I mean, really, who would’ve thought there would actually be seven more planets out there? Sure, we’d see manifestations of it in movies and books, but we always left stuff like this up to fiction. Maybe, just maybe we could even build a whole new world (make that seven new worlds) *cue Aladdin*

In general, I think we could all agree to the following things:

An unlimited supply of food and water for everyone

This is obviously a no brainer. No one should have to go without food the whole day.

Absolutely no tolerance for discrimination of any kind

We’ve had a pretty good dose of discrimination worldwide the past few years, and we’re all ready to put that aside. Because really, it has no place in society. Bisexual? Transgender? Black? Asian? It doesn’t matter. All have to be is you and no one should bat an eyelash. Unless of course, you’re a fascist, sexist or all around terrible person (we’re looking at you, Trump).

Trappist-1 High Speed Internet

Because Netflix… duh. Jokes aside, though the internet is the source for our daily memes and lulz, it’s also a great resource for the news. Not to mention the best means for instant communication. In the event we’ll all be planets apart, at least we can still FaceTime.

Universe Wide transit system

If we’re going to have seven planets to bounce around from, we should at least have a proper means of getting to point A to point B. In a utopia, this would happen in lightning speed kind of like how it goes down in Star Wars.

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