What it means to be a woman today, according to these artists

What it means to be a woman today, according to these artists

There’s so much more to women — and feminism — than meets the eye.

In these uncertain times, everything hangs in the balance. Everything. Our health, safety, job security, liberty, different peoples’ place in society — the list goes on. Which is why it’s all the more important for us to uphold and celebrate the progress we’ve made throughout the decades, lest we forget how and why we got to where we are in the first place. 

And so before this year’s Women’s Month ends, to remind ourselves why we need to commemorate this, we asked some of our favorite women artists to show us what it means for them to be a woman today. In some aspects we are closer to true equality than ever before, but there is still a lot of work to be done and progress to be made — in gender pay gaps, in representation, in trans rights, in a woman’s right to choose. And in case you forgot, being a feminist is not only for the benefit of women. We all have a part in this.

Maine Manalansan


Being a woman today means not sitting idly while detrimental changes are being made to restrict our freedom. It means coming into your identity to help others develop their own for the better good.

Mags Ocampo


Being a woman in this day and age means being kind and brave and strong and smart — because of and in spite of all the double standards and bullsh*t you have to go through. It is turning anger into action, constantly and consistently. There is so much to say about being a woman, 50 words will never be enough.

Christi Lu


Women contribute significantly to rice production. They are perceived to be doing menial tasks like planting, harvesting and weeding, but in fact, these efforts feed a whole nation! In the same sense, I plant, weed and harvest, just like the women did before me. And by numbers, the fight continues on.

Sam Ganzon


With more access to opportunities, now more than ever, we are free to decide for ourselves and have more control over our destinies. Being a woman today means navigating this uncharted territory, carving our own paths, and constantly proving that we can go far beyond the expectations and limitations imposed upon us.

Cru Camara


Being a woman in this day and age means being brave enough to be yourself, and strong enough to stand your ground. It means to empower ourselves and each other to be who we want to be and fight for the freedom to do so.

Inah Maravilla


It means to take up space. It’s time to stop apologizing for speaking up or for being “too dramatic” and “too emotional.” Just like any man, I have every right to be here, and while I exist, I’m going to be very loud about it.

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