What makes YouTube Music different from other streaming platforms?

What makes YouTube Music different from other streaming platforms?

Bootlegs, covers, and hard-to-find tracks galore.

I’m just guessing here but I bet your bookmarks bar has YouTube in it. The videosharing platform has been everyone’s go-to site for all things video since 2006: Happy Tree Friends, pre-pubescent/pre-stardom Justin Bieber, our faves in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen, and a whole lot more. With its almost endless content and growing number of creators, the site truly became a platform for everything — including music.

So when they launched their new music streaming app YouTube Music, we could’ve sworn we saw it coming. Today’s music landscape — and everyone’s music knowledge — owe a part of it to the website, from iconic live performances (we’re looking at you, Queen at Live Aid) to artists who got their big break through their uploads (just to name a few: Biebs, Carly Rae Jepsen, Shawn Mendez, 5 Seconds of Summer). It’s a no-brainer for YouTube to carry a devoted music app and well, for you to try out the app. But when will you use it, you ask? We, and YouTube Music, got you covered.

One of the coolest features of YouTube Music is seamless audio and video switching. Use this to your advantage when you’re carpool duty on a payday, rainy, yuletide season Friday — load up some tunes and check out what its official dance moves are (yes, the music video for Sarah G’s Tala has the dance steps), or queue its karaoke version so you can sing along with it. Whether it’s for y’all’s performance for the company Christmas party or for your own sanity, it’s a surefire way to beat the horrendous holiday traffic.

Personalized playlists aren’t new, but YouTube Music takes it up a notch with their recos built for you. Based on the music you listened to before (say, 2000s OPM), they’ll make playlists with your preferences in mind for your routines, like working out (might include Sugod by Sandwich or Bitiw by Spongecola) or commuting (Ulan by Rivermaya, or Come In And Out of the Rain by Sheryn Regis, would be perfect for a rainy commute) You can also check out new music with their in-app playlists. They have thousands of those, so we’re sure you won’t run out of new music anytime soon.

A YA author once wrote, the world is not a wish-granting factory. But if your wishes are 1) to listen to your favorite YouTube creator’s new cover, 2) to have some remixes on hand for a party you’re hosting, 3) to watch a live performance your parents never allowed you to go to, or 4) to make your lola happy with that hard-to-find original version of her favorite song, and you want them to be granted — YouTube Music might be the world you want to be in. 


Get YouTube Music today on Google Play or the iOS App Store. For more information, check out music.youtube.com.


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