What to expect at this year’s Cinema One Originals Festival

What to expect at this year’s Cinema One Originals Festival

We’ve got the scoop on the lineup of all-new original films in the competition.

Cinema One Originals is back for its 15th year with the theme, ‘‘I Am Original, Kaya Mo?’’ The festival runs from Nov. 7-17 and will be shown in selected cinemas in Metro Manila. 

Here are the eight entries for Cinema One Originals 2019.


Living a mundane life can be pretty taxing, but imagine this: falling asleep, dreaming and controlling every single thing that happens in your dream. Lucid revolves around the life of a woman tired of her boring life. She discovers lucid dreaming, wherein she builds a life far more exciting and interesting than her real life. 

Tayo Muna Habang Hindi Pa Tayo 

Being stuck in that limbo between being a one-night stand and in an exclusive relationship is a story we all know too well. When a soft boy crosses paths with a strong-willed woman, love may be the end game after a whole lot of meandering. Tayo Muna Bago Hindi Pa Tayo tackles this very type of relationship, where two people play a repeating seesaw game, each waiting for the other to make a move. 


Dustin Celestino’s directorial debut is a movie on the injustices of the war on drugs. The action-packed movie also features comedy and sci-fi, complete with a comet bound for earth and a social commentary on how the system is rigged against the poor.

Tia Madre 

Some childhoods are not as rainbow-colored and carefree as others, but Tia Madre’s scares grow deeper and darker. Cherie Gil plays the role of the mom, with Jana Agoncillo as her daughter, who believes that her mom has transformed into a scary creature.

Sila Sila 

Ghosting is one of the scariest things that can happen in a relationship, and it doesn’t even involve real ghosts. When someone who you’ve been dating just cuts you out of their life, without even a text to end things, things can get pretty nasty. Sila Sila focuses on this type of ghosting, led by a gay couple played by actual gay actors. 


What would you do if you found out that there is an underground ring of vampires working in mortuaries to fuel their cartel of illegal drugs made from blood? The vampire horror stars Anna Luna, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Lauren Young.

Yours Truly, Shirley 

We all grieve differently. In this movie, dyslexic Shirley, played by Regine Velasquez, mourns the death of her husband Ronaldo by stanning a pop sensation who she believes is the reincarnation of Ronaldo. It’s a story that deals with grief and fangirling, and how one’s loss can lead someone to believe in otherworldly things.


Did you know that one out of 2,000 people are born intersex? In Metamorphosis, an intersex teenager deals with his identity. Raised as a male, he finds himself falling in love with a girl in his class, only to get his first period later. 


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