This year’s #YSProm was a bop-fueled Christmas bash

This year’s #YSProm was a bop-fueled Christmas bash

We kept it low-key for our 21st birthday.

Photos by Karlo Torio

What do you get when you combine Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic All I Want for Christmas is You, an ugly Christmas sweater with an alak sock, #mistlehoe, and Troye Sivan’s music video for Youth? This year’s #YSProm, that’s what. For our 21st birthday, we decided to keep things on the down-low, since, y’know, we’re legit legal-in-all-territories now and there’s just too much adulting to do. If you didn’t hear about it — in which case you should get out of the rock you’ve been living under — we threw an intimate, under-the-radar Christmas party with our closest friends and contributors last Monday, Dec. 18, at The Apartment in Poblacion, Makati. Brace yourselves because we’re about to serve some major FOMO realness.

The night was filled with bops for all seasons, free-fl owing drinks, and a bunch of little Jose Mari Chan stickers scattered around the rooms (did you count ‘em all?). DJ Papa Aps a.k.a. director and Young STAR contributor Apa Agbayani kicked off the night with a killing on the dance floor, bop after bop after bop. There were no survivors, including the Christmas tree that fell after too much kembot.

He was followed by DJ Some Guy a.k.a. video and photo lensman Deej Fabian, who also did not take any prisoners on the dance floor. Of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete without our annual #YSProm king and queen. Teen royalty Juliana Gomez (#TeamJuliana, who’s with me?) and PBB alum Josef Elizalde took home the crowns (a.k.a. reindeer antlers). And just when you thought the holiday cheer was enough, out came the tequila bottles. You’re welcome — see y’all next year *wink*.

YS Prom Queen Juliana Gomez
Andrea Beldua
Akiko Abad
YStyle’s Marbbie Tagabucba
Mags Ocampo
Bea Marin
Jed Gregorio (center) and YStyle’s MJ Benitez and Francine Gacrama
Raymond Ang and YStyle’s David Milan
Jeline Catt and Bea Marin
Toby Panlilio and Alyssa Castillo
Effy Elmubarak and Iana Griner
Javi Lebron, Miguel Gutierrez, and Nicole Ceballos
Karen de la Fuente and Kitkat Pajaro
Jer Dee and Tony Battung
Apa Agbayani a.k.a. DJ Papa Aps
Deej Fabian a.k.a. DJ Some Guy
YS Prom queen Juliana Gomez and YS Prom king Josef Elizalde
Young STAR’s Maine Manalansan
Koji Arboleda
Young STAR’s Marga Buenaventura and Lorenz Namalata
JL Javier and Apa Agbayani
Acushla Obusan
Young STAR’s Tin Sartorio and Ina Jacobe, Lorenz Namalata, Nielli Martinez, and Young STAR’s Neal Corpus
Mariel Ablan, Young STAR’s Ina Jacobe, Enzo Tan, Young STAR’s Tin Sartorio, Deane Miguel and Kookie Santos
Fiel Estrella, Annicka Koteh, Young STAR’s Jam Pascual, Jedd Ong, Young STAR’s Gaby Gloria, Arrah Balucating, and Pam Musni

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