YS Mixtape No. 1 ft. Jay Som, Jazmine Sullivan, Toro Y Moi, and more

YS Mixtape No. 1 ft. Jay Som, Jazmine Sullivan, Toro Y Moi, and more

Long live the personal music reco!

Remember when your music taste wasn’t dictated by an algorithm? Daily Playlists and Release Radars are convenient and all, but there’s nothing like hearing a living, breathing person go OFF about why they love a song. 

That’s where YS Mixtape, our new bi-weekly playlist comes in. Starting today and continuing every other week, we’ll be bringing you songs straight from the playlists of Young STAR’s editorial team and contributors.  

For our inaugural playlist, we gave the team a general prompt, asking them: what are you listening to now? The result was this: a strangely coherent mix of ambient tracks that I’d gladly put on repeat to drown out the sounds of a typhoon raging outside. 

Before we begin, sending a quick RIP to my pick, ITZY’s Icy, which sadly had to be axed because it would’ve ruined the ~vibe~ but that I’m slyly linking here anyway because I’m in charge and no one can stop me. Ha! Anyways, enjoy.  


Tenderness by Jay Som 

Jay Som really knocked it out of the park with the lyrics on Tenderness. It has been a rough couple of months, and this song has been a constant companion to me in many ways. I’m also really loving the new direction she took with Tenderness and her other recent singles. Her upcoming album, Anak Ko, is definitely an early bet of mine for record of the year. – Arnald, writer


Let It Burn by Jazmine Sullivan 

It’s Leo season, baby. Do you know what Leo’s ruling planet is? That’s right. The SUN. People are telling me that it’s raining outside. I haven’t noticed. These days, I’ve been feeling like a walking ball of fire, so naturally, I have Jazmine Sullivan’s sexy, ‘80s-inflected soul romp, Let It Burn on repeat. – Enzo Escober, writer


My Monday Throne by Sunset Rollercoaster

This song came on my Discover Weekly and things have never been the same. I almost cried because of the calm it gave me 😢 – Maine, editor


Reasons Not to Die by Ryn Weaver 

There are so many ugly sides to living with bipolar disorder. The dark days, the mania, the irrational anger. To be surrounded by people who know and understand me beyond these truths is a gift, and this song encapsulates that feeling so perfectly. – Bea, editorial assistant


Freelance by Toro y Moi 

This song has become my anthem for all my post-grad anxiety freelancer woes. Toro y Moi created a tune that combines the feeling of wanting to dance but also wanting to cry in a corner while questioning my life choices as a freelancer. The brilliance of this song lies in how it’s able to make existential dread seem danceable. I can remind myself of my suffering but also not forget to dance from time to time. – Pat Kay, contributor


Dancing around by flor 

I was instantly hooked because it reminds me of my high school days when I was that indie-pop-only kind of kid. Lately I’ve been thinking about how time flew by since I’m about to graduate college now. Listening to it makes me feel nostalgic, but the lyrics make me excited about my last year of school. – Andie, writer


Checkmate by Conan Gray 

This song makes me want to hit a car with a baseball bat à la Beyoncé. One of my favorite Conan Gray songs because it’s darker than his other singles. – Kleona, writer


Running Up That Hill by Meg Myers

A really great cover that captures the essence of the Kate Bush original and brings it up to new millennium speed. Superb video, too: colored by kindergarteners frame by frame (shout out to illustrator Gaby Serrano who posted it on her Insta story!) – Neal, art director


Fast Slow Disco by St. Vincent 

St. Vincent once said that this song can wear many different outfits. She adds, “Here she is in disco pants, sweating on a New York dance floor.” That is exactly what the song is to me — it’s sweaty, fun, and erratic. It reminds me of those zesty nights, where you could almost be living a different life. – Ella, writer


Who’s Got You Singing Again by PREP 

I just found this song as it played next after listening to Plastic Love by Mariya Takeuchi. Letting it play in the background made me feel like it’s always a good time to play this on a pretty stagnant moment, or when I get home after a long day to brighten up my mood. – Lucky, photographer


See Me by Talos

This song talks about my deepest 2 a.m. thoughts and it’s comforting to know that my turmoils aren’t unique to me. – Bea, editorial assistant


Listen to the full playlist below.


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