YS Roundup: Our deepest, weirdest, most irrational fears

YS Roundup: Our deepest, weirdest, most irrational fears

A tad stranger than Stranger Things.

Art by Gian Nicdao

Our fears are driven just as much by personal experience as it is by some collective aversion to carnage. Whether it be a bad experience, some scary movie your older siblings tricked you into watching, or that one clown who gave every kid in the room an animal-shaped balloon except you because you kicked him in the shin, the fact is, most fears strike us because they resonate with some unpleasant, unfamiliar goings-on in our lives. It’s why they’re so difficult to conquer sometimes, ridiculous though they may seem.

(Shout out to Wizzo the Clown by the way. If you’re reading this, I just want to formally apologize for kicking your shin, and clarify that whatever went down at that birthday party is a thing of the past. If the past thirteen years of life have taught me anything, it’s that seven year old me had no business trying to kick your shin, no matter how gaudy your pale face paint was. Que sera sera.)

Tangential clown discourse aside, the point is that we empathize with your fears, whatever they may be, and we want to reassure you that you aren’t alone in your fear of strange things. Some of the fears listed below we have already conquered, some we haven’t. Either way, we hope it helps you understand your own fears better.

Giving tips

“The main driver behind the fear for me is the uncertainty behind the act itself. I mean, especially for new restaurants and gyms or whatnot you frequent, it’s not like you know the protocol right? So what if your tip gets rejected, or what if the amount isn’t right?”

— Neal Corpus, YS Editorial Assistant for Print


That part of the swimming pool where your feet don’t touch the floor

“Generally wherever the water is deep and dark, I freak out. I know how to swim but I don’t like feeling insecure about my footing, even if I’m paddling or floating.”

— Jam Pascual, YS Copy Editor


Small dogs

We just don’t get along. For some reason, my best friend’s Boxer barks louder at me whenever I visit his place. He hasn’t bitten anyone yet, but I’ve seen him bare his teeth, and there have been a few close calls with him and I (though my friend says he was just being playful). I really don’t want to take my chances with his teeth though.

— Jedd Ong, YS Intern


Closing time at the mall and the SM theme song

“My parents and siblings would always joke around with me as a child saying that I’d someday get locked and left alone inside the mall because I was always getting lost as a kid. I guess that fear has struck me ever since, and since SM was like, the main mall we’d go to, then the images of closing time I associated with it are things associated with SM’s closing time: the shutting of metal gates, even their theme song. I still panic a bit when I hear it.”

— Ina Jacobe, YS Art Director


Really big snakes

“There’s this one scene in that Anaconda film starring Jennifer Lopez where an anaconda wraps itself around a man and swallows him whole head-first. A later scene shows the same anaconda slithering around with a clear outline of the man’s disembodied face pressed against its body. If it can happen to him, it can happen to me.”

— Marga Buenaventura, YS Print Editor
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