#YSObsessions: Karpos Live merch, calming cafe vlogs, Key’s ‘Face,’ and Carly Rae Jepsen’s rainbow dress

#YSObsessions is a round up of our current faves and recos, from books, movies, music, and games to a range of other stuff like online sensations, hobbies and activities, and maybe even our new favorite place in the whole world. 


This week, we learned how to order drinks in Korean, copped some merch from this year’s Karpos Live events, suffered from LSS over Key’s debut solo album, and are still thinking about queen Carly Rae Jepsen’s concert outfit.

Korean cafe vlogs

I started teaching myself Korean about a month ago and in the interest of getting better at it, I try to consume as much Korean content as I could — God knows how many BTS songs and videos I have played over and over again — and lo and behold, cafe vlogs from Korea! I didn’t like them at first, since most of them are captioned instead of talking vlogs, and I wanted to train my ear to conversational Korean, but the mouth-watering food and drinks have easily trapped me. I’ve binge-watched so many of these videos, and now I can confidently say that I can order complicated drinks in Korean. Bea, editorial assistant

Karpos Live merch

It’s always nice to have something that’ll bring us back to good times. We owe a lot of this year’s highlights to Karpos Live (we’ve been to every single one!) so why not get something longer than an IG Story to remember it by? These Karpos Shop merch are taking us back to good ‘ol Vertis North, with a beer in hand, swaying to our faves — call us cheesy but we’ll take every concert merch we can get, thank you. — Gian, editorial assistant

Get your own Karpos Live tee during the next Karpos Live shows on Nov. 14 and 20, or online at karposlive.com.

‘Face’ by Key

October has been great at pulling me out of my sad-songs-playlist stupor, and lately I’ve been collecting songs that are perfect for power walks and getting things done. The new Swim Deep album and SuperM’s Jopping were initially to blame, but I listened to Shinee member Key’s solo debut album “Face” recently, and it’s all I’ve been playing since. The synth-pop anthems are full of hope and love and character, and it’s impossible not to (at the very least!) nod along. The track Honest in particular stood out to me as an instant classic — it will get stuck in your head. — Fiel, copy editor

Carly Rae Jepsen’s concert pastel rainbow concert outfit  

Last Wednesday’s Carly Rae Jepsen concert at the New Frontier Theater was a Spiritual Experience. Carly’s over two-hour long set was packed with bop after bop after bop, with no breaks in between. And while there were so many moments that made the night special (with one being that iconic sax solo from Run Away With Me), the real standout of the night was her dress — a pastel rainbow number made of some kind of tulle or chiffon material that highlighted her blonde locks. A true win for the gay community.  — Gaby, online editor